• André Cedik

    How I tried to self medicate my depression by doing sports

    About André Cedik

    André has been working as a developer in the eCommerce field for more than 15 years. He's currently employed as a ecommerce consultant and Ruby developer at webionate GmbH where he's working for clients and on shipcloud.io. In his free time he's doing "a lot" of sports. Preparing for his first marathon, triathlon and bicycle race in 2014. He is also one of the organizers of Rails Girls Hamburg.

    This talk

    Living a developers life makes you more susceptible to mental illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder. However, these things have always been stigmatised and therefore are a tricky thing to talk about. That is because people naturally assume the worst. Depression e.g. can get pretty serious, leading to a disconnect with the world and finally ending with a person taking his/her own life.

    In my talk, I'll explain the hows and whys of depression based on what I’ve experienced first hand. You will hear about how I slowly recognized that something might be wrong with my life. I’ll show you the unusual way I tried to self medicate my symptoms instead of reaching out to family or friends. A way that was costing me quite some cash and a lot of my free time. You will also hear a few strategies that have helped me dealing with my depression inspiring you to think outside of the box of the "normal" developer life!