• Tworit Kumar Dash

    Web Controlled Automation

    About Tworit Kumar Dash

    Tworit is a student of Instrumentation and Electronics engineering in College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He is an Open Source enthusiast and always is interested in stuffs related to the latest software and hardware technologies. He keeps pondering if he could make something based on both combined. As far as Ruby is concerned, it provides high flexibility through its gems and for this very reason, he always tries to find ways and means to create things using Ruby.

    This talk

    Have you ever wanted to turn on your microwave oven or refrigerator just before reaching home so that you can get your food immediately Or ever wondered if you can control a robot in south-asia sitting in Japan? If yes,here is the thing that you are looking for. Come and have a look at my "Web controlled mini-robot".