• Grayson Wright

    Hello, SOA World!

    About Grayson Wright

    Grayson is a freelance web developer and designer last seen in Michigan. He recently finished studying computer science at Michigan State, where he researched digital evolution, started a chapter of ACM and helped several startups build their web services.

    He's passionate about teaching programming, growing the open source community, and writing software that solves real problems.

    This talk

    The newest TLA (three letter acronym) flying around twitter is SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture. Groan. Yet another thing for us to learn.

    Let's tackle this new technology together by building a lightweight logging service to improve how we capture information from our apps. Our project will get our feet wet with non-Rails webapps, NoSQL databases, and inter-process communication. Best of all, we'll learn firsthand how to extract smaller services out of our monolithic apps.