• Jan Krutisch

    Decentralise ALL THE THINGS!

    About Jan Krutisch

    Jan is a freelancing web developer from Hamburg, Germany, a wannabe electronic musician, an angry cyclist and a dented part time utopian. He's constantly oscillating between frontend- and backend technologies and losing all faith in humanity. He's has strong feelings for the web platform but sometimes ponders a second career as a gardener. Or as a professional frisbee player. He's @halfbyte and blogs at jan.krutisch.de. He also tries hard to finish his book.

    This talk

    The web's original architecture is decentralised, and for good reasons. Somehow, though, we managed to forget that throughout the last years. We use centralised services like twitter, facebook and gmail without thinking (or even blinking). I'm going to argue in this talk that decentralisation matters a lot because it makes the web resilient against technical and non technical threats which are, as we now know, thanks to Snowden, real and not only theoretical. What can we do about it? We need new technologies, but we also need to think about how to find forms of organisations and ways of doing business to accommodate decentralised structures. The future is, indeed, not equally distributed, and it is upon us to fix that.