• Rebecca Poulson

    The Junior Jump

    About Rebecca Poulson

    Rebecca is an engineer at Kickstarter where she gets to build tools that enable creative people to bring their projects to life. Before Kickstarter, she was a playwright and bartender. She studied art history at the University of Michigan and is a former Fog Creek Software Fellow. She lives in Brooklyn where she writes and makes fancy drinks in her spare time. She’s a contributing producer to Nerdette Podcast and she recently joined the Django Girls team as a translations manager.

    This talk

    The Junior Jump deals with a topic that is increasingly important to the Ruby community–onboarding new engineers into their first jobs. We’ll discuss how the interview stage can be used to design a roadmap for a new engineer’s early days, how to select meaningful and appropriate projects and how to come up with a mentorship model that works given the resources at your organization. We will hear anecdotes from junior developers from diverse backgrounds (bootcamp and university grads as well as self taught programmers) and more senior developers with experience onboarding new engineers.