• Luís Ferreira

    Crystal: The programming language

    About Luís Ferreira

    For the past 4 years Luís has worked on the web, mainly using Ruby and RoR. he enjoys open source and giving back to the community. He's taught Rails to over 500 people, with workshops, university classes, mentoring and even 1-1 coaching. He loves experimenting with new, fun programming languages, from Haskell to Elixir or even Crystal.

    This talk

    Crystal is a typed, LLVM compiled language that reads (mostly) as Ruby.If you’ve ever faced a problem in which you would like to use Ruby (because it is awesome), but it is just not performant enough, maybe Crystal is the solution you’ve been looking for. Crystal’s standard lib comes bundled with support for WebSockets, OAuth, MySQL, and other nice utilities. It has a very simple testing framework, dependency management system, and even the beginnings of a web framework. This is a very exciting time to come aboard the Crystal train, especially coming from a Ruby background.