• Meike Wiemann

    Moving the Web into the Physical World with Beacons

    About Meike Wiemann

    Meike worked as a software developer for five years in her hometown Hamburg before deciding to escape the busy working life to enjoy life as a student once again. Being in love with snowy winters, she chose to move to northern Sweden where she’s currently doing her master’s in human-computer interaction. Apart from getting lost in vast forests, Meike enjoys doing sports like beach volleyball, windsurfing and obviously all kinds of winter activities.

    This talk

    Have you ever wondered what those beacons are? Beacons come in a lot of forms. I lately got my hands on some of the so-called physical web beacons. Physical web beacons are little devices that broadcast a URL via Bluetooth within a certain radius.

    You might wonder, so what? Well, the power of these beacons is that people, places and objects can become part of the Web and we can start designing for context-sensitive experiences.

    To give you an idea about the range of possibilities that become available I want to show some of my very simple prototypes that I built with Ruby, Rails and JavaScript.

    However, just being able to build cool stuff does not necessarily mean that it will be useful for someone. So, I evaluated how users experience this technology and I want to present the results to you as well.