• Katherine Wu

    Ask vs. Guess Culture Communication

    About Katherine Wu

    KWu is a software engineer at New Relic. Prior to New Relic, she attended Hackbright Academy and worked at Google for 5 years in various technical support and product operations roles. A proud New Jersey native, she nevertheless fits in well in Portlandia, what with biking to work and spending weekends canning and preserving fruits and veggies from a local farm share.

    This talk

    Have you ever been told you’re “too direct,” or feel like you don’t understand what others want? Or on the other side, do you think others are often too confrontational? These are Ask vs Guess Culture differences. Ask folks believe it’s ok to ask anything, because it’s ok to say no, while Guess folks prioritize not imposing on others. It’s a culture clash that isn’t often recognized, yet causes quite a bit of tension and frustration. This talk will cover the nuances of these different communication styles, as well as strategies for bridging the gap. Gaining an understanding of these differences and learning specific tactics for a professional context will make you a drastically more effective communicator.