• Ivan Zarea

    Passing down the pain: Difficulties in teaching software development

    About Ivan Zarea

    Ivan is a Rails dev doing consulting for startups. When he’s not writing code, he writes courses, talks, and teaches as much as he can. For the last three years he worked as an invited professor at the Technical University of Moldova, where he taught advanced software engineering to last-year students. More than that, he’s been designing curricula for a while and really enjoys exploring teaching. From a beginner two-week Rails camp for high school girls to an advanced course on Ruby for professionals. He has spoken at local events and as well as at Ruby meetups in nearby Kiev. He has also organized several meetups and hackathons locally, both for students and professionals.

    This talk

    How do you teach proper software engineering? How do you design a teaching program that highlights the pain of maintaining software to students who have never actually had to maintain software? And, while doing that, how do you keep your students engaged?

    Teaching at an experimental group at the Technical University of Moldova, I’m able to employ new techniques including testing, live coding and software maintenance into a regular university curriculum.

    Some of the techniques work well to convey the difficulties of writing software, others were failed experiments involving chinchillas and drug dealers. It’s a different age for teaching. The students have already had experience with hackathons, code camps, fancy javascript frameworks and it’s our mission as educators to stay relevant and provide engaging material. I believe that we can leverage the new tools and drastically improve the way we teach software development.