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    Orders of Magnitude

    About Davy Stevenson

    Davy is a software engineer in beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon. When not writing Ruby, she enjoys gardening, knitting, twittering, drinking all the fantastic beer that Portland has to provide, and ignoring her cats as much as they ignore her. She is a prominent member of Portland Twitter Storm Team, and has attained a black belt in emoji usage.

    This talk

    Up until the 17th century, the world was mostly limited to what we could see with the naked eye. Our understanding of things much smaller and much larger than us was limited. In the past 400 years our worldview has increased enormously, which has led to the advent of technology, space exploration, computers and the internet. However, our brains are ill equipped to handle dealing with numbers at these scales, and attempt to trick us at every turn.

    Software engineers deal with computers every day, and thus we are subject to both incredibly tiny and massively large numbers all the time. Learn about how your brain is fooling you when you are dealing with issues of latency, scalability, and algorithm optimization, so that you can become a better programmer.