• Justine Arreche

    Put Away the Knives: We Can Work Together

    About Justine Arreche

    Justine is a graphic and interaction designer. Through the years she's worked on a range of design projects from conference websites to security software interfaces. Living and breathing design, she firmly believes that designers and developers can work hand in hand without wanting to kill the other. It's about understanding and process.

    This talk

    Working hand in hand, programmers and designers, is commonly a pain point. Between miscommunication, unfulfilled expectations and inability to understand what the other is asking there are a lot of projects made more complicated than they need to be, thus resulting in missed deadlines and aggravations.

    In this talk we'll discuss some best practices for the relationship between designers and developers a stable and structured process that helps both of you create great things for the world and making you both happy. It all boils down to communication process and using the right resources to achieving that type of dialogue.