• Jan Krutisch

    10 Things you didn't know your browser could do

    About Jan Krutisch

    Jan is a freelance web developer from Hamburg, Germany. He is constantly oscillating between frontend and backend technologies and is currently working for a number of clients in the publishing sector. He loves making and programming music and couldn't be happier about the web platform becoming more and more capable in all areas. teh futare si now!

    Here's an incomplete list of the talks he's given throughout the last years and a book he's currently writing.

    This talk

    Did you know you can parse binary files in JavaScript? Did you know that your browser can make music (and I don't mean by playing back sound files)?

    The Web Platform is currently evolving into a full fledged application platform at an ever increasing speed and as most of us are web developers of sorts, it's good to know what's actually possible, but also increasingly hard to keep track of. Let me show you a few awesome things that we can use now or will be able to do so in the near future. And hopefully blow your mind.