• Floor Drees

    What I learned learning Rails

    About Floor Drees

    Floor moved from Rotterdam to Vienna almost two years ago. After working as a community manager for over 5 years she missed 'making stuff'. She started learning Rails and Ruby in August last year and is now confident with CSS and Rails (and PHP). Nowadays she organises Rails Girls events (in Rotterdam in January this year and in The Hague, September later this year), works as a tech reporter for inventures.eu and a developer evangelist at usersnap.com AND is the co-organizer of vienna.rb, the Ruby user group in Vienna. She blogs a lot too.

    This talk

    Learn Rails they said. It's easy they said. I experienced learning Rails as everything but easy. It seemed that with every step I was slapped in the face with a new gem, exception or a whole new programming language. In my talk I'd like to share my learnings, being somewhat confident with Rails after starting learning programming in the evening hours August last year. I'd like to offer the developers attending a different view on what is too self-evident for them to adapt their vocabulary. I strongly believe teaching makes you a better programmer and (in my case) teaching accelerates your own learning curve.