• Ellen König

    Practice makes perfect? - How to develop your technical skills the effective way

    About Ellen König

    Ellen is a professional software developer and part-time psychology student. She has a particular interest in where IT and psychology topics intersect, including team work and collaboration, learning and problem solving, and analysis of online behavior. She has successfully lead several mid-sized and large volunteer IT teams, and has been a member of even more of them (work and volunteer teams). She loves learning and teaching about technology-related topics, having learned more programming languages and technologies than she cares to remember. She has taught them to others at various opportunities such as university, work and most recently as a Rails Girls student and coach.

    This talk

    In our software development jobs, we frequently find ourselves applying and polishing existing skills rather than expanding into new ones. Yet with technology always changing and developers being eternally curious, we need effective learning skills to master new subjects effectively. Psychologist have identified the principles of what it takes to master new skills: Challenge, clear goals, feedback, repetition, concentration. In my talk I would like to show how these principles can be applied to learning learning different programming languages, frameworks and technologies as well as software development methods using examples for learning goals, feedback mechanism and repetition strategies.