• Piotr Szotkowski

    They hear me typin’, they hatin’

    About Piotr Szotkowski

    Piotr is a hacker scientist: an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, a Ruby developer at Rebased and a founding member of Warsaw Hackerspace. When not coding (or talking about coding) he organises Warsaw Ruby Users Group and NetWtorek – monthly meetings of people from the NGO/non-profit and IT sectors, as well as SocHack – quarterly 48-hour hackatons for worthy causes, in coordination with Random Hacks of Kindness, Open Data Day and Open Education Week.

    This talk

    Mechanical keyboard, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… <clickety> <click> <clee>

    As programmers we spend a significant amount of our time typing, and – given the abundance of laptops – we often do it on whatever keyboard was chosen by our hardware’s manufacturer. While certain laptop brands are known to have stellar keyboards (and no less famous pointing devices), some of us yearn for the good old times of IBM Model M; yes, you could hear them from across the building, but once you played with one or some time you grew way more tolerant of its constant – if not distant – clicking.

    This talk covers the current state of the mechanical keyboard world, the replacable keycap craze and all the fun you can possibly squeeze out of your daily fingertip companion – including some tips on how to configure your system to easily input all the weird characters needed now and then, from ♥ and ‰ to mëtäl ümläuts and ☭.