• Harry Brundage

    All is Fair in Love, War, and Liquid

    About Harry Brundage

    Harry leads the Performance Team at Shopify! Super fun. They have an enormous Rails application who's traffic at least doubles every year and processes a whole whackload of money for real people running real businesses. His team and he strives to make it faster by obsessing over every little bit of our stack.

    He also likes blogging, but "sucks at making things look nice", which you can see here: http://harry.me :)

    This talk

    A thrilling, down to the wire story of the all out battle to scale Shopify in the face of Impending Doom

    Shopify powers 52000 active e-commerce stores and processes over 3 million dollars a day on their behalf. Yet, when confronted by a superstore running pathologically large flash sales, the platform was brought to its knees. Previous to this store's arrival our highest traffic day was the biggest online shopping event of the year: Cyber Monday. This store waltzed in and on a random Thursday single handedly held a flash sale which quintupled our previous platform wide traffic peak set by Cyber Monday, all on their own. This talk is the story of the all out war Shopify fought to scale to meet the needs of this shop, while keeping the other 51999 stores thriving just the same.