• Lukas Rieder

    Stateful Application Server

    About Lukas Rieder

    Lukas evolved from a webdesign background to a backend developer. A couple of years ago I was fiddling with HTML, CSS. Now I am building all sorts of stuff that runs on servers. I have a great passion for simplicity, empiricism and of course Ruby! I am currently working for Wooga, a social games company in Berlin. But my biggest passion in life is my family, a lovely wife and two daughters.

    You can meet me occasionally at the Ruby User Group Berlin.

    This talk

    After more than one year of development, Wooga is heading for the global launch of its game "Kingsbridge"!

    This is the first game at Wooga with a backend written in JRuby!

    The talk includes an introduction to the problems that were solved by choosing a stateful applicaton server.

    I will explain constraints, benefits and obvious differences to traditional database backed application servers.

    • Safely sharing state in a concurrent environment using JRuby
    • Using Java concurrency utils in JRuby
    • Sample problems solved, backed up with code
    • Practical tips for capacity planning