• Benoit Daloze

    About Benoit Daloze

    Benoit is an open-source evangelist and a benchmark freak. He is now an MRI committer and enjoys contributing to many projects including JRuby, Rubinius and Homebrew. He has been working last summer with the Google Summer of Code program and had the chance to have @enebo as a mentor.

    He started talks about benchmarking at the Belgian Ruby User Group a couple years ago and gave a talk at JRubyConfEU/eurucamp last summer. Between these, he gave various talks about Ruby and Git at my university ACM Student Chapter. attended a bunch of conferences including RubyConf, EuRuKo, ArrrrCamp and of course eurucamp.

    This talk

    About everyone has heard JRuby is fast, but how fast is that?

    This talk is about giving you a concrete idea of it, with realistic use-cases of popular libraries, efficient programming contests solutions and day-to-day tasks from reading a file to analyzing a web app. There will be a comparison with other Ruby implementations as well as with various languages and VMs, highlighting pros and cons of the JVM.