• Martin Boßlet

    krypt & jruby - cryptography's new best friends?

    About Martin Boßlet

    Martin is a freelancer by day, by night he is also a member of ruby-core, one of the maintainers of the Ruby OpenSSL extension and the author of krypt. Cryptography is his passion and he truly enjoys it, even if it means being the nerd among nerds for the rest of his life. He's been helping the European Commission to implement a digital signature platform over the past years, and this was also the reason for krypt - so that he could do it in a sane language for once. He recently discovered blogging as a compensation for not haunting other people with lengthy emails anymore.

    This talk

    As of JRuby 1.7.3, krypt is being shipped with JRuby by default. Currently, krypt is being used to provide missing functionality of the OpenSSL extension. Chances are you may be using krypt today without even realizing it.

    But krypt's goals go beyond just being a fill-in for OpenSSL - the ultimate goal is to replace the OpenSSL extension entirely. See for yourself how the Java parts of krypt enable us to run the exact same code on all Rubies - no more second class citizens, no strings attached. You're fed up with overcomplicated APIs for everyday things like securing your passwords or encrypting your data? krypt provides cryptography for actual human beings with simple and clear interfaces. There's a dead-simple API if all you care about is security, but there's also full control for the guys in the ivory towers. Find out how to extend krypt's functionality by integrating Java cryptography libraries.

    Finally, be a witness of something that no other JRuby (or Java) cryptography library can give you today: access to arbitrary C crypography libraries without having to change your actual Ruby code.