• Ben Lovell

    Live long and prosper with Celluloid and JRuby

    About Ben Lovell

    Ben is a regular contributor to open-source, agile proponent and harbours an almost unhealthy obsession for all things concurrent and distributed. Ruby, Go and Scala are his first loves. Beards a close second.

    He currently works for digital agency 1minus1.

    This talk

    In this talk you'll learn about the Celluloid ecosystem. We'll take a glance at:

    • Celluloid - the OOP & Actor model based concurrency framework
    • Celluloid::IO - an evented I/O framework
    • DCell - distributed Actors for Celluloid
    • Reel - the Celluloid::IO powered web server

    I'll cover the Actor model - Celluloid's inspiration for their approach to concurrent objects. How we can best achieve concurrency without mind-bending synchronisation, mutexes, deadlocks and all in idiomatic and simple to grasp Ruby.

    We'll finish up by briefly covering JRuby and why it's my preferred Ruby VM for concurrency with Celluloid.