• Joe Kutner

    TorqueBox: This Ain't Your Grandpa's Enterprise

    About Joe Kutner

    Joe is a freelance Ruby developer in the United States. He's built Ruby and JRuby applications for small startups, large enterprises, and every size company in-between. He's also authored two books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf: "Deploying With JRuby" and "The Healthy Programmer." Joe contributes to a number of open source projects including TorqueBox and Warbler.

    This talk

    If the Java ecosystem is keeping you from deploying your Ruby applications on the JVM, then wait no more. You can deploy your JRuby web apps to the cloud using new products from Heroku, RedHat, EngineYard, Google, Amazon, and others. You'll learn how one git push gives you access to true multithreading, clustering, messaging, advanced garbage collection, just-in-time compilation and much more. After this talk, you'll be able to deploy TorqueBox, Trinidad, and Warbler to a variety of cloud platforms.