• Josh Kalderimis

    JRuby Running All The Things

    About Josh Kalderimis

    Josh is a lover of coffee, bacon, long walks on the beach, and continuous integration. As a Travis CI founder he spends his day getting his hands dirty with code, customer support, virtual machines, APIs, and devops. And if you look closely enough you can find his mantra 'shipping technical debt daily' tattooed on his body!

    This talk

    JRuby has been at the heart of Travis CI for over two years now. Our SOA based architecture has allowed us to use the best Ruby for the job, and in most cases this has been JRuby. From our log processing, to our build infrastructure, to our background jobs, JRuby is everywhere.

    No matter what technology you use at the heart of your business you are bound to have the 'HUZZAH' moments, and the 'WAT THE FUUU' moments, and we have had our fair share of these.

    This talk covers not only our code and what we did right and wrong, but also a bit of the Ruby eco system, and how we can all improve it.