• Martin Mauch

    JRuby and Scala - not even a compiler can separate us!

    About Martin Mauch

    Martin is innovation manager at crealytics, a company dedicated to shaking up the PPC advertising market with Profit-Driven Search Marketing and their software camato.

    Martin loves to connect and combine ideas and dream about the future of software development.

    Ruby, Scala and Bavarian are his favourite languages and he fluently switches between the three.

    This talk

    Ruby and Scala are both beautiful languages that allow for functional, object-oriented and meta-programming. Both have their uses and strengths, so why not become a shape-shifter, a traveller between worlds? Using simple meta-programming facilities one can join JRuby and Scala to get the best out of both. We will take a simple RSpec'ed JRuby program and port it to Scala along green tests.

    You'll get an idea of the many similarities between Ruby and Scala, where the two differ and what a compiler can do for you.

    You will see how Scala can be taught to talk to dynamically typed languages without the compiler breaking into tears and you will see how JRuby can use Scala as a nitro-booster for performance-critical parts.