• Theo Hultberg

    Chasing the Elephant

    About Theo Hultberg

    Theo is Chief Architect at Burt, a Göteborg based big data startup that wants to revolutionize the advertising industry by showing that there's more to ad analytics than clicks. He learned to build distributed systems the hard way by building a real time analytics platform that now handles billions of requests per day.

    He is a frequent speaker at developer conferences around Europe, where he favors topics such as JRuby, big data and distributed systems. In his hometown of Göteborg he co-organizes the Ruby, Scala, JavaScript and distributed systems user groups.

    But his only real claim to fame is that he has more reputation on Stack Overflow than both Jeff and Joel.

    This talk

    An account of my big data adventures with JRuby. War stories from battling with storms, scaling mountains and speaking with oracles.