• Tobias Pfeiffer

    Shoes - The Ruby way to GUI applications

    About Tobias Pfeiffer

    Tobi is a clean coder, Rubyist, learner, teacher and agile craftsman by passion. He organizes the Ruby User Group Berlin and contributes to shoes and hacketyhack. He has a special neck for teaching, which is why he is a frequent coach at Rails Girls Berlin and also started to teach a course at a university recently. Right now he is a happy Google Summer of Code student working on shoes4.

    To get an idea of what he is interested in and what he does you may check out his blog.

    This talk

    We build web applications and command line applications with Ruby - but what about graphical desktop application? There used to be this Shoes thing, but isn't that dead?

    No it's not! Shoes4 is being developed right now by a dedicated team. Let me tell you all about it and introduce you to this beautiful DSL I fell in love with.